Dates: June 14 – 18th
Place: NYU Shanghai and Online
Info: http://nime2021.org

Summer (blackflies and other bugs) 
is a site-specific intermedia performance that uses homemade instruments, digital signal processing, and interactive electronics to create a closed-loop system for a human-insect encounter with rural space.  While human-insect interaction is a consistent feature of the rural imaginary, it is typically represented within settler narratives of conquest and perseverance.  In an effort to engage insects outside of these frameworks, this piece places two light sources in a pasture in rural Vermont.  A human participant produces frequencies by beating wing-like paddles in response to the intensity of the light sources. The system also measures the presence of insects attracted to the light, and adjusts the intensity of both lights in response to insect and human activity.  Human and insect sound is captured and processed for a virtual audience.  Through biomimicry and autopoeisis, this system offers a unique opportunity for engaging insect spatial practices outside of human-oriented pioneer narratives of rural space.

Contamination Installation
Dates: Nov 5 – Mar 31
Place: Spruce Peak Arts, 122 Hourglass Dr., Stowe, VT
Times: call for private showing or view from outside
Info: Office phone 802.760.4634

Like an unexpected cluster of turkey tail mushrooms one steps on and then cannot relocate upon return, the audiovisual installation Contamination offers an interruption in our understanding of the world as orderly and determined; preordained through extent systems of control.

The Rural Noise Ensemble uses technological glitch to reorient the eye to fungal patterns, following algorithmic logics that disrupt organic texture. Distortion, spectral analysis, and digital processing excavate new melodies from the thick soundscape of field recordings. Acted upon by the history of music chant emerges.

Contamination recognizes each moment we live is already contaminated—mediated through technologies and implicit histories while implicating both human and non-human systems at all scales. We are reminded that there is no purity to be preserved, only presence to inhabit.

Duet for Tree Branch and Oil Can
 Feb 5 – Apr 30
Place: Spruce Peak Arts, 122 Hourglass Dr., Stowe, VT
Info: 802-760-4634

Duet for Tree Branch and Oil Can 
is a sound installation part of the Art of Sound exhibition at Spruce Pear Arts and the 2020 Vision Show curated by Kelly Holt.

The rural is a concept, a projected edge-space between “civilization” and its other, something that is often termed “nature.” It is produced through a settler-colonial projected based upon the irreconcilably of these two concepts. At one scale, the edgespaces encompass entire communities and cultures. On a smaller scale, these edges exist as a matrix of forgotten lines, marked with discarded tires and rusted fuel cans: the line where some forgotten dweller decided “up to this point is my yard, and beyond it my junk pile.

This piece sonifies a single point fo contact in the production of rural space. A barrel of Tuff-Kote sealant and a tree branch, both harvested from a creek bed in Woodbury, Vermont, are tethered to the grid and automated in perpetual friction.