Duet for Tree Branch and Oil Can


The rural is a concept, a projected edgespace between “civilization” and its other, something that is often termed “nature.” It is produced through a settler-colonial project based upon the irreconcilability of these two concepts. At one scale, these edgesspaces encompass entire communities and cultures. On a smaller scale, these edges exist as a matrix of forgotten lines, marked with discarded tires and rusted fuel cans: the line where some forgotten dweller decided “up to this point is my yard, beyond it: my junk pile.”

This sound installation sonifies a single point of contact in the production of rural space. A barrel of Tuff-Kote sealant and a tree branch, both harvested from a creek bed in Woodbury, Vermont, are tethered to the grid and automated in perpetual friction.

Duet for Tree Branch and Oil Can premiered as part of the Art of Sound exhibition at Spruce Peak Arts and the 2020 Vision Show curated by Kelly Holt and the Vermont Curators Group.



Rural Noise Ensemble | Duet